Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari departs from the Christmas Cove Marina, Penneshaw – Kangaroo Island. 

75-Minute Coastal Safari
Christmas Cove Marina, Penneshaw, SA, 5222

Swim with Dolphins-Seals and Coastal Snorkel
Kangaroo Island Visitor Information Centre,
43 Howard Drive, Penneshaw, SA, 5222

From the Ferry Terminal:
Christmas Cove Marina and the Kangaroo Island Visitor Information Centre is located just a 4-minute drive from the Sealink and Kangaroo Island Connect Ferry Terminal. If you would prefer to walk, it is less than 15-minutes from the arrival point in Penneshaw.

Full details of joining your tour will be emailed to you following your booking online.

Opening Hours
Sunday-Saturday 8am-5pm
Closed – Christmas Day

Contact Us

Phone 08 7082 9607

Availability for Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari departures are available online for booking. If you require a departure time for groups outside of our standard times, please contact us on 08 7082 9607 and a member of our team will be able to help you further.

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