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On your Kangaroo Island trip you must come out on an ocean safari and meet the locals.! We know exactly where to find the local wildlife including our wild dolphins and seals. Tour Kangaroo Island on a personalised ocean safari and we can assure you that the wildlife will be just as happy to see you, as you are to see them! See our reviews on Trip Advisor and see why we are ranked number 1 for activities to undertake on Kangaroo Island.


New Zealand Fur Seal

These seals were hunted nearly to extinction after the whalers and sealers arrived in South Australia in the 1800’s. They have made a remarkable recovery and their numbers now exceed over 20,000. You will see these seals frolicking in the water or just resting up on the rocks after being out in the ocean after days of fishing.


Australian Sea Lion

Australian Sea Lions are the rarest of its species and can only be found in certain locations in South Australia and Western Australia. You will be able to tell the difference between the male and female quite distinctly. The male is much larger and has chocolate fur whilst the female has a silver/grey fur.


Wild Dolphins

Penneshaw is the home to the Bottlenose Dolphins. These dolphins live in pods close along the Kangaroo Island coast. On most safaris the dolphins will have their calf swimming alongside them, which can be seen from our vessel. If they choose they will swim right up to the boat and say ‘hello’. Penneshaw is a fantastic place on Kangaroo Island to view these superb wild dolphins. Common Dolphins are also in abundance along the coastline.


Humpback Whales

These whales are the mammoths of the sea and seasonally you will see them. Humpback Whales are one of our favourite wildlife experiences on the ocean safari. They travel through the waters off of the Penneshaw coastline and you will marvel at these beautiful mammals.


Southern Right Whales

The Southern Right Whale make an annual appearance on their migration journey to the Great Australian Bight. Look in awe at these giant majestic mammals often with their new calves. Christmas Cove in Penneshaw is the best place on Kangaroo Island to depart from to view these whales!


White Bellied Sea Eagles

These powerful raptors nest along the coastline close to Christmas Cove, Penneshaw. They are often seen soaring above the water, then diving down to pick up a fish for dinner and taking back to the rocks to feast on. The white bellied sea eagle is on the endangered species list and it is a truly magnificent bird of prey.