Swim with DOLPHINS & SEALS in Penneshaw

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Swim with DOLPHINS & SEALS in Penneshaw

Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari is looking forward to a fantastic summer on the Dudley Peninsula.  We cannot wait to start providing the first ‘Swim With Long Nosed Seal Experience’ in South Australia.

In addition to our 75 minute coastal safari, (which just received SILVER at the SA Tourism Awards), we will also be offering the ‘Swim With Dolphin Experience’ in Penneshaw.

This has been granted via the Commercial Marine Mammal Interaction Permit – this permit was issued by the Director of National Parks on behalf of the Minister of Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, and is approved under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 and section 19 of the Marine Parks Act 2007.

The ‘Swim With Dolphin / Seal Experience’ will begin in December!

This is very exciting news for Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari, and the visitors who come to the region!

We will be officially launching in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out – and spread the word!