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About Christmas Cove


Christmas Cove is one of Australia’s Geological Monuments cut out by glacial movement 240 million years ago.

It’s the perfect place to start your marine wildlife safari.

Dolphins and seals are only minutes away from the marina, which is the safest and easiest access marina on Kangaroo Island.

About Kangaroo Island


Matthew Flinders was the first European explorer to discover Kangaroo Island in 1802. He named it Kangaroo Island, because of the abundance of kangaroos he saw when he came to shore near Penneshaw.

Come out on a Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari and we will explain why Kangaroo Island has a coast line named in French and one in English and provide geological information on some of the oldest coastline on Kangaroo Island being approx 550 million years old.

Nicolas Baudin, who came to shore inscribed his details into “Frenchman’s Rock” in Hog Bay, Penneshaw. You can see Frenchman’s Rock as we pass by in Penneshaw’s sheltered waters on Kangaroo Island’s favourite Ocean Safari. We will take you on a 75 minute coastal and wildlife tour around the beautiful coastline of Kangaroo Island, providing historical facts along the way.

You will be amazed when you see places like Dolphin Cove, Cuttlefish Bay, Kangaroo Head and Snapper Point. Kangaroo Island truly is one of the most desirable destinations for tourist travel and our Ocean Safari provides one of the most exceptional Kangaroo Island experiences.

About The Owner


Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari is a family operated business.  Owners, Tony and Sandy Coppins have a passion for delivering a wildlife experience second to none. Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari are well known for going the extra mile for their customers, and will ensure you have fun, are safe and even add a little adventure to your ride!